Simplicity: Ultimate Sofistication

Leonardo Da Vinci once said that #simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Simplicity holds the utmost beauty. This concept is true in any form of art and design. Whether it be interior design, clothing design, #hair or your #makeup. What do I mean? Well let me tell you.



I’m sure you have heard “less is more” in makeup. In fact the key to good makeup is to look like you’re not wearing any! Highlight your best features whether it be your eyes/lips/cheeks/brows. A great color matched foundation paired with a bronzer, mascara, and a light gloss is the perfect look for the day. And for the evening, well add some glitter eyeshadow, #blush, and a #rouge lip color and you have a sophisticated evening look that is simple yet classic.

Fall Style 


This same idea applies to your closet. The best closets are a collection of great basics that you can mix and match with but yet create multiple looks with your variety of accessories! For example, take a simple pair of jeans and a white shirt- pair this with a long chain necklace and some ballet flats for a simple daytime look. Now, when going out, take the same jeans and a tshirt, put on a blazer and a bold turquoise necklace paired with some killer heels and you have a chic and current look! Every woman’s closet needs to have a classic pair of jeans, black slacks, your favorite blazer, and of course some pumps to elevate you!

Remember that beauty is from within but when trying to make a statement, just enhance your natural beauty in a minimal way. This will let you stand out and shine!

Be You, Be Kind & Be Strong . . . always Lead and Live an exemplary Lifestyle!

 -Czar of Beauty

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