Rise Up to Beauty

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uydmy56tMQ[/embed&w=640&h=385] In today’s day and age our bodies absorb a lot of chemicals through what we eat, what we put on our skin, and what we expose ourselves to on a day to day basis.

One would be surprised but there are a lot of carcinogenic compounds that are found just in our beauty and skin care products that we use a day to day basis. In fact, research proves that there are 12 major toxic and carcinogenic compounds that are found in beauty and skin care products. From Benzoyl peroxide found in acne products, to chemicals in sunscreen, parabens and metals in deodorants, lead in our lipsticks and preservatives in medications.  The best course of action for combating the effects of these products is by having the education and knowledge of what these chemicals are and how best we can avoid them.

When our human bodies are exposed to these chemicals, we don’t see their adverse effects until later in our lives. It may take years for any effects of these chemicals to show in our bodies and unless we are weary and aware of what we should be avoiding, we could be putting ourselves in a position that could harm our bodies detrimentally in the near future.  Beauty doesn’t have to be deadly!

So I advise you to take caution of what you use, what you eat, what you put on your skin, and what you could be doing to prevent your body from experiencing any of these effects.  We are here to educate and empower you!

Advertising campaigns and hidden ingredients is how large corporations sell us the romanticized image of beauty.  We all want to be beautiful, we all want to feel the romance of beauty, and now we can!

We are into beauty and we want you to be beautiful.  Be gorgeous & be who you are…  Be You, Be Kind & Be Strong . . . always Lead and Live an exemplary Lifestyle!

Don’t feel overwhelmed, feel empowered. Know that YOU have the power to choose what you use.  Remember simplicity is minimalism at its best!

You can always check out a brand on EWG.org for guidance and product recommendations.

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