What is Beauty?

Or rather, What is perceived to be beautiful?
Beauty is a topic that has been discussed through the ages.  How we look on the inside is directly connected to our inner beauty deep inside us!  Are you covering up or enhancing?
Many women believe beauty is on the outside – all on the outside. They believe that a combination of makeup, plastic surgery, and conformities to societies definition of “beautiful” will create the perfect image. However, they are wrong. True beauty is built in us, in our persona and in our characteristics.  Beauty begins by connecting with who we are at our core and acknowledging our value and knowing our truths!
Every woman uses cosmetics; and that is ok, great, but one should know that cosmetics are used to enhance and illuminate the natural beauty that we have, so it is much more important to be sure that our foundations of beauty are strong and built.  Cosmetics are used to enhance our natural beauty and show our inner core & confidence to the world.  Important aspects of true beauty.
Inner beauty is the like the infrastructure and architecture of a house and what elements you add on are like design elements to build the beauty- yet the skeleton is the most important, and that is what you should know. When the house is built well, the less you decorate, the more phenomenal it looks.
As cliché as it may seem, true beauty is in fact who you are on the inside. Beauty is how you carry yourself and how you treat others around you. Beauty is the ability to accept yourself in your own skin and be confident no matter what those around you say and to believe in yourself and the elements that make you, well… YOU.
To be honest, the most beautiful characteristic in a woman is her confidence. The assurance of knowing that what she has and who she is cannot be beaten or redefined. When a woman is confident in who she is and smiles as though the whole world is gleaming, that is the most beautiful thing of all.
William Purkey said these words years ago, and today this is my advice to you. “Dance like nobody is watching, love like you have never been hurt, sing like there is nobody listening, and live like it is heaven on earth.”
If you take care of your internal, emotional, and spiritual self, eat well, and truly believe you are the most beautiful you, you will glow.
Next week we are going to talk about how to take care of yourself from the inside out starting with the right diet. For now, smile, keep your head up, and know that YOU are beautiful.  Be You, Be Kind & Be Strong . . . always Lead and Live an exemplary Lifestyle!

-Czar of Beauty

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